The story begins …

“There was once a little girl who lived in a wonderful land -  it was a land filled with emerald-green meadows carpeted with a multitude of multi-coloured, delicately perfumed flowers, a land where pure, crystal water gurgled forth from sparkling fountains in a soft melody that echoed in the limpid air. The people who lived in this land were always happy, they loved each other and were always ready to give a helping hand. Their hearts were enveloped by the powerful rays of the Mighty Sun which shone constantly, giving out warmth and light so that everything could blossom and grow in abundance. The little girl too was full of joy and bursting with glee but she was also extremely curious and adventurous – she wanted to know what lay beyond the blessed land of the Mighty Sun. And so one day she decided to take a look at the outside world and slowly wandered further and further away from home.
She had been walking for many, many days and suddenly found herself in the depths of a forest surrounded by immense trees that towered above her like menacing giants. They were so high that they covered the sky and prevented the light from filtering through the brawny branches lined with luxuriant foliage. It was growing dark and the air was cold. The little girl could no longer feel the reassuring rays of the Mighty Sun. She was frightened. She had lost her way and felt alone and abandoned. Tears trickled down her cheeks and she began to cry desperately.

Suddenly two brightly-coloured luminescent butterflies appeared and rested on her shoulder. The little girl was so happy to see these wonderful little creatures.
“Why are you crying?” they asked her.
“I ventured far away from my land, the land of the Mighty Sun, and now I’m lost and can’t find my way home,” the little girl sobbed.
“Don’t worry,” the butterflies comforted her. “We’ll help you find the right path. It’ll be a long and tiring journey but we’ll protect you and guide you.”
“What do I have to do to go home?” the little girl asked.
“You must first find your way out of the dark Forest of Obstacles where there are many dangers – and then you must penetrate and cross the deep Cavern of Depression, the swirling Fog of Doubts, the treacherous Quagmire of the Past and finally the dreaded Pit of Fears; from there you must pass along and scour the evergreen Valley of Growth and then ascend to the eternal Garden of Love and Wisdom where you can gather flowers of Hope and Trust, and finally, beyond the rainbow, with the help of Prayer, you can reach the Gate of Roses, the entrance to the land of the Mighty Sun.”
“How can I find the right way?” the little girl was confused.
“Use your good sense, intuition and above all follow your heart,” was the reply.
“How am I ever going to overcome all these obstacles?” cried the little girl.
“Look within yourself – the answers are within you,” whispered the butterflies as they fluttered away.
 “Don’t be afraid – you’ll make it!”