The little girl was so happy to have left the Forest of Obstacles. She looked around. A wonderful landscape unfolded before her eyes – she was surrounded by majestic mountains whose peaks towered up and touched the sky, and in the middle a long verdant valley flowed – The Valley of Growth. There was a long way to go before reaching the end of the Valley but the little girl was full of enthusiasm and good will, she wanted to enjoy new experiences and learn and she knew that every step would bring her a little closer to the Gate of Roses and her homeland. 
She gazed up and saw a swallow soaring high above her towards infinity.
“One day, I too shall be free like you!” she thought.

Don’t try and run before you have learned to walk. Everything needs time. Do things calmly, take your time, go ahead step by step, day by day, and you will slowly reach your goal. 


I urge you to change, change and accept all new things that come into your life, even if they may be painful at times. Everything will work out for the best. Don’t worry; stay close to Me. I will protect you. I will guide you, be afraid of nothing but go your way with strength and determination.