The little girl felt alone and abandoned once more. The butterflies had told her to search within herself to find the answers for overcoming all the obstacles, but she had no idea where to begin. She missed her homeland and all the people who lived there, but most of all she missed the warmth and love of the Mighty Sun.
“Oh, Mighty Sun,” she begged, “if You can hear me, please help me through all these difficulties so that I can come back home to You!”
Suddenly, a ray of light slithered down through the branches, embracing her and comforting her heart and she no longer felt alone.
“Please help me find the way.”

Don’t be afraid. Go ahead. Look for the answers within you and you’ll find them. At the moment you’re hindered by fear and this prevents you from continuing, from opening yourself up completely. Little by little you will learn how to overcome your fear and this will give you great joy. You will turn towards new paths and new hope. Go ahead!


Why am I always so depressed?

Because your goals are too lofty. You’re not prepared to accept your humanity and the fact that you’re not infallible. Try and accept yourself for what you are, assert your magnificence but at the same time recognize whatever is human about you. Don’t be frightened or deny what you don’t like about yourself, don’t linger over what you consider as negative but accept it and then continue, onwards and onwards, without ever looking back. With perseverance and patience you will find the way for overcoming  everything that separates you from Me.


You’re afraid that your inspiration doesn’t come from Me.
Don’t let yourself be blocked by fear. Let yourself go Write whatever comes into your mind and you’ll find  that it will make sense to you. Then you can  read and reread what you have written and decide whether your words are  inspired by Me or not. It depends on you. It’s up to you to decide. This reflection will help you discern, think and rationalize and finally reach your conclusion. I am always here ready to help, clarify your ideas, guide and encourage you, but it’s you who must decide whether to accept this guidance or not. Don’t worry, you’ll see that each piece of the puzzle will fit into the right place, at the right time. Be patient and have faith in yourself. Never doubt your strength and ability and be sure that whatever you may  aim at will be fulfilled.

The Past

I want to close the door on the past once and for all.
As you know, you must learn to overcome the past to be able to live the present, to savour every moment to the full. This doesn’t mean denying or refusing the past, but simply considering it as a precious memory. Like a basket of fruit, you can pick only those experiences which will help you grow and acquire new wisdom, discarding those which are of no use to you. The past is important but it should never hinder or obstruct your growth. Let go of all the phantoms that have been a part of you for such a long time, they have no purpose and only serve to suffocate those tiny seedlings that are yearning to develop and blossom forth The winter of your trials is passing and a new Spring is waiting to unfold. Leave behind the cavern of the past and embrace life with all that it has to offer. Do it now – there’s no time like the present!


What’s preventing me from going ahead, from changing ?
Your greatest impediment is fear. You must eradicate all the weeds of fear that are preventing you from growing. Fear suffocates everything. Where there is fear, there cannot be love; when you pull out weeds you must go to the roots and extract them  once and for all – the same applies to fear- only without fear can peace reign within you. 


(A healing process)