And there before her was the beautiful rainbow in all its splendour – the bridge that led to the Gate of Roses and her homeland.
“How can I cross the rainbow?” the little girl asked two tiny bluebirds who were perched on a lavender tree. “I haven’t got wings like you have.”
“Ask the Mighty Sun to lift you with His strong and benevolent rays, then jump onto the first star and  skip from one colour to another with joy and faith. It isn’t difficult!” and with a cheery chirp the birds flew off and disappeared beyond the rainbow.
“Wait for me, I’m coming with you!” the little girl cried.

Turn to Me, speak to Me and pour upon Me everything that is troubling you. Have trust in Me as you  would do with your best friend. I am your best friend. I always listen to you with patience and Love. I can calm the most furious of storms and  restore you to peace and tranquillity
I am in everyone. Be aware of My presence.