God, I have some questions for You …

Do you exist?
What about you … do you exist?
Of course I do.
Then so do I.

Where are You?
What about you … where are you?
I am here.
Then so am I.

I cannot see You.
Look in the mirror.
There is only myself.
Then you can see Me.

I cannot hear You.
Listen carefully.
There is only silence.
Then you can hear Me.

Do You love me?
What about you … do you love yourself?
How can I know? You are Love.
So are you.

Who are You?
What about you … who are you?
I do not know. I am what I am.
Then you know.

Why do You answer with so many questions?
Why do you ask?
Because you are God.
So are you !

“In the depths of silence you will hear my Voice
in answer to your thousand questions.”


Patricia Williams Scalisi
 August 24th,  2004