The voice of silence

When you are able to obtain a little silence within and outside of you, when the many thoughts that are filling your mind, like the waves of the sea dashing against the shore, cease to create worries and anxiety, only then, in the silence and tranquillity of a calm sea, is it possible to hear an ancient voice, a friendly voice that from the most hidden pathways of your heart can be heard and accompanies you all the way in your human adventure.
It is the voice of Infinity, the voice for God, the Father in Heaven who, like a light warm breath of air answers your questions, your countless questions, from the depths of your heart, to support you in your efforts, to remind you of the path and goals you have chosen to reach in freedom, to give a meaning to your fatigue of being a man and woman of your times.
There is absolutely nothing to fear, all you need do is simply listen and accept this friendly voice with joy, the voice of life and hope that resides in your heart, and that has been given to you for love, only for love. Rediscovering the voice of your heart, God’s voice is in reality loving oneself and the world, for a lifetime that has no end.”
(Carlo Uslenghi – Tradate –Va)

“The way of the heart, of love leads us “home”. In the most silent place in our heart we will find our essence. This is the journey we have followed with Patricia, simple, true, that allows us to hear the “voice” of God within us”
(Andreina Lorquando – Venegono Superiore, Va)
“The Love, Joy and Simplicity of Patricia, together with the extraordinary power of this course, have allowed me to be guided in every single situation, every choice and every moment of my day. The guidance of God, the God that is within us and in everything, accompanies us throughout our existence and, with the course “The Voice for Love” I, like anyone can, have been able to  fully enrich my spiritual journey. Thank you Patricia, thank you Candace and DavidPaul and above all thank You God.” 
( Tiziana Franzini  - Sesto Calende, Va)

“What I mostly appreciated in the course was the simplicity. This simplicity is important for three aspects: 1) the content which, in a simple way, repeats the basic principles of every spiritual teaching; 2) the practical exercises which, in a simple way, help us to connect with the Divine Voice that we are all a part of. These exercises are the bridge that allows us to pass from theoretical knowledge to experience; 3) the genuineness of Patricia’s teaching who, like all true spiritual masters expresses herself with great modesty.”
(Serena Massa – Milano)

“More than a course, this for me has represented a new way of being, of living, of feeling. A different, deeper way, beyond the limitations that we allow ourselves to be conditioned by in our everyday life. It has been an experience of connection and joy of living and an enormous help in trying to overcome our identification with the ego and for looking at life with the eyes of universal love. All of this thanks to your guidance and your enthusiasm, your truth and simple way of being. “
(Francesca Massa  - Milano)

 I met Patricia in June 2006 at her “Angel Corner”, we shared our experiences and immediately be-came friends. I helped organize and participated in her very first “VOICE FOR LOVE” course in April 2007 at the bookshop in Castellanza “Libreria del Cuore”. In this course we learn how to hear the voice of our highest Self so that we can turn to it to obtain the answers that are most useful for us.
Assuming that the solution of all our problems lies within us, all we have to do is to learn how to listen to receive what we need. This course teaches us to trust whatever we are hearing and to come into contact with our soul, obtaining, without any doubt, the answer we need to be able to proceed along our path. We often look to someone else to find the solution to our difficulties, forgetting that all solutions are within us and that we only need to listen and hear it. We learn to distinguish the voice of the ego from the voice for love so that we can fully recognize God’s voice. As far as my personal experience is concerned, this course provided me with an extremely useful instrument, not only for myself, but also for my work in which I use Bach flowers which, through their vibration, align us with our inner dialogue. This is how flora therapy combined with the exercises contained in the course become of valid help for understanding and achieving our specific goals in this life.
As I pointed out at the end of the workshop “… now we have all the means to be able to fly, if we don’t do it, we only have ourselves to blame for missing such an opportunity.” 
A warm hug
 (Nadia – Naturopathist)

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