The little girl hopped off the last violet ray of the rainbow and gazed with wonder at the thousands of tiny roses bathed in dew glistening in the sunlight. They had all colours imaginable and non-imaginable and were constantly changing shape and form like a huge kaleidoscope. On a lilac-coloured rose, she saw the two butterflies she had met in the Forest of Obstacles.  
“Welcome back little sister, welcome home!”
And the little girl looked up at the Mighty Sun and knew in her heart that He had always been with her, even in the darkest of moments, that He had never stopped shining and had accompanied her through the whole of her journey giving her strength and courage.
“Thank you, Mighty Sun, thank you for guiding me and bringing me back home!”
Everyone sang with joy when they saw the little girl who had been lost – the butterflies, the swallows, the bluebirds and even the leaves on the old oak tree were dancing with happiness. And so the Gate of Roses closed once and for all …
“Until the next adventure!” said the little girl winking.

And so we have reached our destination !
Our journey is complete, and yet it is always continuing. It is an endless journey – the journey that every soul is making, has made or will make towards home, our eternal homeland that is waiting for us. It is a wonderful journey that will take us from the deepest abyss to the highest of peaks towards absolute freedom, where peace, harmony and love reign.
 Let’s go home !!